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Budapest Workspace
Budapest Hungary,
23-25th June 2004
WSIS Work Space
Geneva Switzerland,
10-12th December 2003
Lucca conference Work Space
Lucca Italy, 10th October 2002

IHEAL Reports:

The European ECO Forum
Carignano-Lucca Declaration
(20 October 2002)

EEB response to the second
consultation document
(10 October 2002)

In Search of Progress
Public Access Rights and Practice
in the United States,
Johannesburg Summit (August 2002)

Draft UNECE PRTR Protocol Report
from the 6th Working Group Meeting
(September 2002)

PRTR August 2002 Letter to the
Council on Environmental Quality

Aarhus Convention
Electronic Tools Workshop

Dublin Declaration
on Access to
Environmental Information

INFOTERRA 2000 Global
Conference on Access to
Environmental Information

Note of the
Czech Republic on
the PRTR Task force

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Aarhus Convention Ratification
(December 2003)

Aarhus Convention Status
(August 2001)

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Aarhus Convention Ratification Update

Featured Links Databases

National Toxics Network
HCB Community Information System

IPEN Body Burden Community Monitoring Handbook

Union of International Associations
Dataheal database

Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition

Community Watershed Monitoring

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

Exporting Harm: The High Tech Trashing of Asia

IT and Sustianability Report

Computer Report Card

Silicon Valley Environmental Partnership
Electronics recycling directory of Northern California (2002)

Silicon Valley Environmental Index (1999)

Silicon Valley Environmental Index (2003)

Sustainable Silicon Valley Environmental Management System

Environmental Justice Coalition for Water

EPCE Right-to-Know/PRTR Project
IHEAL cases in the Czech Republic
Pilsen Environmental Foundation PRTR in the Czech Republic and Worldwide

Incinerators and power plants in Czech Republic GIS

Children of the Earth, Czech Republic
Czech car-free days

NGO Ecological Institute, Brno
Czech REZZO - Register of Emissions and Air Pollution Sources GIS

Environmental Management and Law Association
Hungarian European Pollutant Emission Register (EPER) Mapserver

Winged Horse Trust, UK  

Green Spider Network, Hungary
Romanian Mine Accidents

Coming Clean
Body Burden

Chemical Case Studies

United Nations Indicators and Maps:

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Interactive Health Ecology Access Links (IHEAL) is an international network created by non-governmental organisations to support implementation of the United Nations Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision Making, and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters (Aarhus 1998), and the World Health Organisation-Europe Environment & Health Ministerial Declaration (London 1999). The IHEAL Network cooperates closely with the Public Participation Campaigns Committee of the Pan-European ECO Forum.

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